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Dave Pringle was born in Regina but live lived the first 8 years of his life in the Northwest Territories. The first 4 years were in Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island, above the arctic circle, then spending the next 4 years in Yellowknife.

Dave’s father owned a plumbing and heating business that landed a contract maintaining the diesel burning furnaces used to heat the homes in the communities. Business ties from Yellowknife then brought Dave’s family down to Lloydminster, Saskatchewan where Dave grew up and graduated.

As an activity, Dave started martial arts training at the age of 12, which acquired him a 5th-degree black belt in karate and a 2nd-degree black belt in Okinawan weaponry. Over his 32 year career in martial arts, his accomplishments lead him to great success in a competition where he held the Demura Cup Champion trophy for a period of 21 years…consecutively.

Dave started his apprenticeship training in the very first CARS program in 1995 where he was mentored and instructed by none other than Ray Glow (Kelly’s Father).

Dave finished his Interprovincial Automotive Journeyman certification while working for Dodge City between 1995-2000.

After that, Dave worked at Sargent's Automotive, gaining vast experience working on all makes/models and starting his path into specializing electrical diagnosis. Next, Dave then ran the mechanical department at Parr Auto Body for a number of years before settling into an almost 10-year stine as one of Avalon Auto's lead diagnostic and drivability technicians. 

In late 2017, Dave followed up on a previous coworkers referral to go check out KelRay Automotive. 

Much to Dave’s surprise he met Kelly and found out that he had come full circle, back to the son of the instructor that had taught him so much and had a great deal to do with influencing the methodology that makes Dave the technician he is today.

Dave says that holding Ray with such high regard over the years has influenced fate to allow him to land at an establishment that he considers home, and thanks Kelly for the opportunity to help grow the business together!  Small world for sure.

Dave Pringle. Apprenticeship ad from the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, October 18th, 1999.
Dave Pringle. Apprenticeship ad from the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, October 18th, 1999.