Our Team


Kelly was born into a Chrysler family. His Father, Ray, was a Journeyman tech as well. Ray worked for Chrysler his whole career as a tech, shop foreman then on to teaching the Chrysler training program till he passed. He was great at electrical work and taught Kelly a lot about the technical/theory end of repairing vehicles. 

Grandpa Tony was a farmer. Kelly grew up on the farm close to the Glow grandparents and learned a lot about how to 'fix' things. If Grandpa didn't have something, he made it. 

Kelly learned a lot from both Ray and Tony growing up. 

After Ray passed, it was his Mother, Holly, that helped get KelRay off the ground. With help from his Sister's, Friends and Family, KelRay Automotive came together.

Kelly & Ray Glow.
Kelly & Ray Glow.